Nassau County - South Shore - Long Island, NY

Seeking delicious Affordable accessible spots to frequent on the South Shore of Nassau County.
All recommendations are welcome, Especially those south of the Southern State Pkwy, between the Meadowbrook Pkwy and Suffolk border.
No food allergies or other peevish tendencies, but we’ve had more than enough of Asian and steakhouses (although we can add diners, turkish, and pre-fab food and chains to the list of avoid to save the trouble).
Thank you all in advance for you thoughtful recommendations.



Sorry, I’m on the North Shore. Also we visit the North Fork a couple times a year. Now that the NYTimes has dumped the suburbs, all I have for restaurant reviews is the local tabloid NoNewsDay with its priceless noncritical reviews and worse still Yelp and TA. CH isn’t doing much anymore either. And now my wife is feuding with my favorite local pizza joint. O tempores, o mores.

Anyway, I looked on HO and found almost nothing Long Islandish. Maybe there are enough LI people here to get some sort of local reviewing?

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It’s all New Jersey and Westchester, I’d be glad to build up Long Island myself if I could. East or west, it’s all good.


Any and all information shared is good and very welcome.
I look forward to hearing from you and many others.
I will also try to contribute and share my experiences.

Long Island is all good, all over. :laughing:

You and I know it :wink:

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Hendrick’s Tavern in Roslyn

It seems like more and more are joining the Tri-State Restaurant Club on Facebook.
Watching the shitshow is a lot of fun for me.
EVERY place is Gold.
Every place is Awesome.
For those that are not into negative reviews, of any kind, this Facebook page has Only Rave reviews of every restaurant in the Tri-State area. Where each and every restaurant is so awesome by just existing.
Soooooo much better than chowhounding, this hungryonion is delighted facebook has provided us with a source of never ending lauding

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I’ll,bet there are lots of “hidden gems” too!

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I like that it’s mostly about Long Island restaurants. Very much so.
There are posts about Manhattan and one or two about Queens, a rant about bathroom conveniences, and an occasional post for Las Vegas…

But the incesent praise of every restaurant on Long Island has me thinking that this one post might have a point…

It’s a lot to sort through to find that needle in a haystack. And since it’s not food-centric and only lauds wach and every place, it’s nearly futile. But, my OP still stands on here.