[Nashville, TN] Listening Room Cafe

OK, we’d gone for the music but the food proved to be pretty good as well.

We tried to make online reservations for the early show but, for reasons unknown, the page refused to complete – each time showing an unspecified “error” – though we knew we’d completed it correctly, even trying different credit cards. However, we were able to pay the $7 cover charge at the door.

Music was excellent. Four singer songwriters doing their own work. All of them talented.

Food was better than we expected. The Nashville hot smoked chicken didn’t really taste of smoke but packed a real punch with the hot. It came with Gouda mac & cheese which didn’t seem as though it would work. But the blandness of the pasta countered the hot spiciness of the chicken. The other order was for a BLT sandwich, using fried green tomatoes – a good twist to use the Southern standard. It was perked up with the addition of siracha aioli.