Naschmarkt (Palo Alto)

We didn’t have much time for dinner (so unfortunately no dessert) when we had to pick up our daughter from a party and remembered that Naschmarkt , a very good Austrian restaurant in Campbell, opened a second location in Palo Alto. Still same great quality which is as good as you would get in Germany/Austrian in more upscale places.

Goat cheese purse salad, rosemary, honey, mixed greens, red wine poached apples, walnuts, balsamic vinegar reduction

Austrian cold cuts - trout mousse, pork rillette, red pepper cheese mousse, salami, prosciutto

Pork blade chop, cabbage, spaetzle

Jager schnitzel - pork schnitzel braised in a mushroom cream sauce with spaetzle, broccolini and garlic confit


My mouth is watering…!


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I forget the name of it - doesn’t Naschmarkt have a separate bakery somewhere in the Peninsula?

I don’t think so. There is Backhaus ( German named bakery in San Mateo and Burlingame). If you are looking for “classical” German cakes etc (they even have fantastic Franzbroetchen - something which is mainly made in Hamburg and surrounding areas) you should go to Hadough (Hayes Valley) which on the same level as top-tier bakeries/Konditoreien in Germany

There is also Hahdough Konditorei in NOPA on Fulton Street. The Herrentorte is too, too good.

Yes - they have their main shop on Fell Street and a small “window” next to Suppenkueche with a very limited selection (Herrentorte, Berliner, Franzbroetchen)

Oops, right, Fell not Fulton.

i have been a few times (only once to the campbell location) and have enjoyed each time. cocktail list is above average. i think i have sat outside each time.

it replaced anatolian kitchen, which moved around the corner. i think we find ourselves at AK more often, but i am not sure why.