Narragansett & Southern Rhode Island Good Eats?

(Sue Kelman) #1

We’re heading to Narragansett, RI for a long birthday weekend at end of Oct. Aside from Matunuck Oyster where we will, no doubt, eat more than once, where else can we look for seafood, good breakfasts, an interesting lunch? In general, I find it’s mostly a culinary wasteland (and it’s off season also), but I thought folks might have some suggestions. We’re willing to drive a bit since we’ll be antiquing in the Little Compton area, too. All ideas welcome.


it’s been awhile since I’ve been down that way so I don’t have much to suggest beyond that whenever I’m near Little Compton I always go to Gray’s in Tiverton for ice cream–and I know they’re open year round. Pity that Evelyn’s up the road is closed for the season.

Jigger’s in East Greenwich is also good for classic diner breakfasts. Maybe a half hour from Narragansett, so best if you happen to be going somewhere a bit North in your travels. Not really a destination spot, but good solid breakfast fare in a place with great atmosphere. The johnny cake combo is my go to.


I second the Gray’s recommendation.

Here’s a thread that may help a bit: Weekend eats, Jamestown, RI


Since you’ll be in Little Compton, a trip to Red Dory in neighboring Tiverton may be in order. We’ve only been once but it was fantastic - one would expect nothing less from Steve Johnson.


Thanks for the shout-out bear, but Jamestown is a bit far afield from Narragansett and Little Compton.


Oops, sorry about that! I must have read the map wrong. Between advancing age and being geographically challenged, I can be mildly dangerous.

(Sue Kelman) #7

I know this is long overdue, but our b-day trip to RI at the end of Oct. was lovely. Still, it’s true, outside of Providence, it’s a culinary wasteland - especially in the off season. So we got ourselves to Matunuck Oyster twice. Oysters Rockefeller - BIG YUM! Everything else super fresh, great raw oysters, and much seafood was ingested. Honestly, all other meals at small restaurants were just so-so. Nothing to write home about. Pretty disappointing. Next time I think we’ll devote more time to Providence where I know there are some wonderful places.