[Narragansett, RI] Monahan's

Perhaps the classic clam shack type place. We’d read about it in a guide to New England clam shacks and thought it worth making a detour on our trip to have lunch here.

Outdoor seating only. Order at one window, collect your drinks at the next window. Find some seats and they bring the food to you.

We both went with their lobster roll, served cold. It’s a soft hot dog style roll, stuffed with chunks of lobster. You can have it served hot, in which case, it’s drenched in melted butter. It’s delicious. We shared a serving of very good fries – nice and crisp. They even had malt vinegar to drizzle over them, which made us feel quite at home. Not that you’d ever see anything as sophisticated as lobster at a British fish & chip shop (nor would it be affordable there).


hey, thanks for all the reviews! I’ve only scratched the surface of all your posts, but really appreciate the effort. I am just back from vacation myself in Narragansett (I have a few things to report from the area once I settle back in, though my planned Fall River trip fell through) but I went to Monahan’s myself on a really nice summer day and had the whole belly fried clams. They were quite good (though the pint portion will run you 26 bucks!), crispy, fresh and not greasy. One thing I especially liked was they served them atop of some decent mixed greens–this has a bad aspect as the hot clams do start to wilt the lettuce, but if you dig 'em out and save them from that fate they act as a nice leafy foil for all the fried stuff.

The s.o. loved her fried flounder sandwich. The setting here is beautiful on the right day too. This place is new since the last time I came to the area, and it’s a nice addition.

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As you suggest, a perfect setting to eat lunch