[Nara, Japan] Lunch at Kurokawa Honke (黒川本家)

Kurokawa Honke (黒川本家) specializes in food items incorporating “kudzu” (arrowroot), favoured in Japan for its “health” properties. Located in a dining precinct round the corner from the popular (albeit uber-touristy) Kamameshi Shizuka with its long, long queues of mainly HK and Mainland Chinese tourists, Kurokawa presents a totally different atmosphere, with its pristine, bright dining area, and efficient service.

We opted for the “Chef’s Original Kudzu” menu, which consisted of about 6 varieties of arrowroot-flavoured dishes, including some very light, crisp tempura, a freshly-chopped sashimi selection, tiny burger patty cloaked in a creamy dressing, and some very tasty simmered items. Narazuke, local pickle, is a welcome inclusion in the lunch selection, all served in a wicker basket.

Dessert was typically Japanese: arrowroot-flavoured cake and jelly.

Kurokawa Honke (黒川本家)
16 Kasuganocho, Nara
Nara Prefecture 630-821
Tel: 0742-20-0610
Operating hours: 11am-8pm daily (Last orders: 7pm)