Napa: Meadowood Restaurant burned down

Today’s news just reported that the building housing Meadowood Restaurant has been destroyed by fire:

Restaurant at Meadowood has Burned to the Ground

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Oh no…!

I feel for the restaurant owners and workers. COVID is already very tough to deal with, and now fire.


Yes. Can you believe it? We had a reservation at Auberge de Soleil today and they canceled it. I hope they are out of harms way and that this fire, and all of them, get contained soon.

I just read that. So sad. We went there air our 10th and 20th anniversaries. What a great place. Devastating.

Farmstead just cancelled my reservation for tonight; they’re evacuating.

Oh no :frowning:

It was a planned place to visit one of these non-virus filled days.

Do they have a help page or anything like that?

Haven’t checked yet. We just went to Boonfly at Carneros (we were supposed to be in Europe), and it’s smoky, and everyone seems hypervigilent, but they were open. We went to Bouchon, and they were open, but a lot of places in Yountville were closed.

I’m going to check the web page at Farmstead to see how they are doing.
ETA nothing on their website or FB page.