Napa - Late night option opens at Copia

(Picked this up off one of the foodie news sources, can’t remember which one!)
Need a late night option in Napa? Opening at the CIA at Copia , the culinary school’s auxiliary building across from Oxbow Market, is a new outdoor hangout with wood-fired pizzas, barbecue, cocktails, beer, and wine. The outdoor space has firepits and is nestled around the culinary gardens. Open daily from 11:30 a.m.- midnight (and later on weekends), with live music many nights. Check out the schedule here: Copia At Night


Spouse and I can vouch it’s an attractive little space - we saw it in the daytime, and it’s pleasant. Suggest you don’t miss the desserts (and the flatbreads are small individual ones, but very good) - they were the best dishes from a recent lunch at Copia.

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That’s a nice idea!