Nantucket MA

My husband and I are heading to Nantucket for the first time for a few days in August. I’d really appreciate any recommendations or warnings. We will probably do one higher-end meal and three more moderate meals. Also, we love good coffee so suggestions there would be appreciated, and maybe also for couple of decent breakfast places. Thanks!

Instead of re-writing, here are links to my reviews from last summer. Petticoat is the best bakery anywhere and Straight Wharf was our favorite. Make reservations now wherever you choose though.

We enjoy Nantucket. Have a great time! On our last visit we took in The Boarding House Restaurant, quite good but pricey. Reservations a must. More casual was Sayle’s Seafood just outside of town. It is mostly set up for take out, but there are a few tables so you can eat the fresh catch right on the spot. I also recommend taking a scenic bus trip to Siasconset on the other side of Nantucket Island and visit Summerhouse Restaurant and/or Beachside Bistro, both operated by Boston super-chef Todd English. We spent quite a few hours enjoying the ambiance and fare at casual Beachside right on the ocean…
As a side trip, you may want to visit Cisco Brewery. She also owns a couple of the local bookstores…

I’ll second Straight Wharf for your nice dinner. It is consistently excellent. Other favorites are American Seasons (the patio setting can’t be beat) and the Pearl.

It’s tough to make mid range recommendations as Nantucket is on a Manhattan price scale so it’s all relatively. For casual meals we always stop by Brotherhood of Thieves, but that might be nostalgia to my college days more than anything. Something Natural makes killer sandwiches to take to the beach. Summer House is a nice setting for lunch by the pool. Black Eyed Susans for in town breakfast. Downey Flake for out of town breakfast.

Nantucket is beautiful, enjoy your visit and try to get out of town (and away from the DBs) to enjoy it’s beauty.

You guys are the best. Thanks so much for taking the time to post those links, jfood. Today was just too crazy to look through them, but I will do so tomorrow. Gut reactions, thanks for the tips, especially on Siasconset shuttle and Beachside.

Uni, I am (painfully) aware of the prices on Nantucket, but am looking for a relatively moderate price point, not what I get in Waltham! I am thinking that we need to hit up Brotherhood of Thieves, though, since it’s such an iconic place.

I’ll definitely book soon, and report back after our trip. I’m really excited!

You should be excited. Nantucket is a treasure and we are fortunate to have it in out back yard. One of the most beautiful islands on the planet. Enjoy.

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