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Last night, Nancy’s Hustle did a restaurant takeover serving some of their menu at June’s All Day in Austin (menu here). Left feeling quite impressed by the meal and I’m making a point to eat at Nancy’s next time I’m in Houston.

Everything I tried had this huge sense of umami while also not feeling too heavy to eat. Tried the Nancy cakes, lamb dumplings, poached octopus, sourdough tagliatelle, and the calamansi sorbet. Nancy cakes were my highlight - it’s their take on blini with caviar. I dearly wish for a place like Nancy’s in Austin because of such stellar food in a casual bistro type setting, though I admit Sour Duck Market comes somewhat close to nailing that sweet spot. Really liked that you can dabble through sharing a lot of small plates without having an overfilling meal.

Alison Cook had a stellar review for Nancy’s:

One last thing: kinda shocked Nancy’s Hustle and Theodore Rex each aren’t being discussed here! Really think those two restaurants would have Michelin stars if they were in LA/SF/Chicago/NYC etc.

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Never heard of it. Thx for the head sup. :wink:

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Nancy’s Hustle has been on my list since it opened, I follow it on Insta. But I haven’t made it yet because: (1) it’s only open at night and far into the night; and (2) I live on the other side of town. Oh, and (3) I don’t UBER.

I realize this limits my credible input (especially #3, my 83 year old dad UBERs all over the dam place).

So that’s my imput. I do love to look at the dishes on insta though.

If you go to T-Rex, please report back. Justin Yu is well beloved here and beyond. His prior concept here in Houston and many others like it across the world, are not attractive to me, though I am definitely in the minority here. This concept though is different and looks tasty. The webpage has an entire page devoted to how to get a reservation on the calendar, cancellation fees, 30 seats, blah blah. This is Houston, not Dallas. (Had to throw that in, it’s expected.) Trying to be nice here, so, exclusive planned scarcity doesn’t play well in Houston. That is all, signing off.

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I am an unapologetic huge Justin Yu fan :blush: I’ve been to to Oxheart and T-Rex delivered my most memorable meals last year. Impressed me so much where I went in April and December.

I’m not sure what else I can add that would be different from the seemingly unanimous praise. I still think of the tomato toast every now and then, it really is that memorable for such a simple dish. I do like the more approachable/casual vibe compared to the Oxheart concept.

PS: My insta stories are pretty much all food/travel related and I’ll send over my info

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