Nan Xiang XLB [flushing queens]

Our luck of excellent food ran out tonight after exquisite skewers from the cart at 39th and Prince, and fried skewers on Roosevelt.

If you like being herded as if being shuttled in a crowded cattle car, service barely at the minimum between rude and cold, plus mediocre foods, this is your spot. I usually would just not say anything, but when a place is this famous and busy, and they are dialing it in, I feel the need to share.

Braised tofu 4 hapiness was sad

Crab and pork XLB made me crabby. Rank crab, greasy broth, dry, leathery skins (actually thin but tough)

The sum total words spoken to us after being seated was “are you ready to order”. Took forever to get check. We had to ask the hostess. Then as we were getting up, our order taker dropped another copy of the check as if she was worried we would XLB and dash.

This and Shanghai You Garden, two famous spots with lines out the door have been terrible dining experienced with not quite up to mediocre food.

Support small guys like Distinctive Food Services. We would have but they were closed.

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well dang, havent been there since they moved but was there enough that the owner came to recognize us. we spoke a couple of times and he seemed committed to quality. sad to hear.

Yikes, Dean. I don’t expect warm and attentive service, but your food experience sounds awful.

I haven’t been to Nan Xiang for years. I thought at the time the XLB were good, but it was a busy place I remember. However, I do not remember it any busier than the Manhattan XLB places like Shanghai Joe or Supreme Restaurant. I am sorry that the experience with Nan Xiang XLB was pretty poor for you.

It slipped my mind that they opened a branch in Manhattan.

(Apparently also expanding to NJ - maybe all the expansion has hurt the original location)