Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao in Flushing has closed for good

mostly because of rising rents, apparently.

although the head of the Flushing Chamber of Commerce says it’s also because of rising wages. The thing about workers now making just enough to disqualify them for some public benefits actually does make some sense - but doesn’t explain why quitting would be a better option, exactly.

Sounds like higher wages did more harm than good for workers, which is ironic.

Maybe quitting to lower paid job to continue public benefits?

Well, no such thing as lower paid than the minimum wage. Maybe they don’t want to work as many hours to keep their income down.

IMO the rents in NYC are what kills everyone ultimately. You can twist and mangle your budget around so many other things, but rent is pretty non-negotiable for most of us. Everytime the city workers get a cost of living increase in the union negotiations, for example, the market rents go up accordingly.

Unfortunately, the high rent in big cities are killing everyone, except the speculations and the property owners. I guess restaurants move to more and more to remote part of the cities, where the cheaper rent are. Restaurants that own their property may in a better position to fight, but eventually they may be interested to sell the business… This problem not only in NY, heard that in Tokyo and Hong Kong…


Their XLB were nothing to boast about. Maybe their customers wised up.

Which do you consider the best in NYC?

I can’t say I’ve kept up with New York’s XLB offerings over the years, but in the past I’ve liked those at the little place on Bayard with the dumbwaiter, and, oddly, the M Shanghai hipster bar.