Name the most appalling restaurant bathrooms in the Bay Area

In a discussion this week over in U.K., there was a comment that dirty bathrooms is a likely reflection of dirty food production/ storage areas. I visited a restaurant today that reminded me of the discussion. Its bathroom was disgusting each and every time I went over many years. And perhaps I should actually stop going because of that.

Dated/ worn bathrooms don’t equal dirty bathrooms. Some hole-in-the-walls have old facilities but generally look clean.

What are the most disgusting restaurant bathrooms you have come across in the Bay Area?

My entry for today:

Saigon Seafood Harbor Restaurant, Sunnyvale.

Disgusting. Every surface is sticky. Sometimes the floor is all wet (with what, I don’t want to imagine). I am not a germaphobe at all and I do not want to use my bare hands to touch any of the surface, including the door/ stall handles. I am told that the bathrooms are just as disgusting over on the ladies’ side.

So I would assume the kitchen is just as dirty . I would run for the hills , let alone eat there . Gross

We have a weakness for their scallop dumpling. That thing, for its price, is fantastic, at least in the recent state of the ‘shuffle of the dim sum chefs’. So we have a hard time swearing it off…

Perfectly good topic, but I’d be cautious about saying anything too hostile about a restaurant. I’d be worried they might try to pin any downturn in trade on me, rather than on their poor quality bathrooms. Chicken, maybe, but what does the law say, I wonder?

Safeway at Mission & 30th. Ok ok it’s not a restaurant, but it’s filled with food!!

Very good to know— Severely understaffed in all elements it seems. As if it’s not hard enough to find a cashier, they’ve now locked up the entire toothpaste, razor, soap, etc. aisle.

HATE HATE HATE that Safeway!

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I hate all Safeways. Once at the Marina branch looking for whole wheat flour I was told they only stock it during “the baking season”! Now they deliberately understaff at the cash registers to force us all to do the auto-check. I only go in for cleaning products, plastic wrap and stuff you can’t get at farmers’ markets and TJ’s.

It has a bathroom?

Heh, I was not even aware this Safeway had bathrooms for customers. It is indeed pretty awful. They started closing at midnight some months ago, which annoyed me at the time but in retrospect might have been for the best - on one of my most recent late-night visits there was a drunk customer who believed he had somehow lost his MacBook inside the Safeway and was accosting every other customer in the place to inspect their bags for it. (The staff decided to do nothing about this idiot.)

The Church/Market Safeway’s bathroom creeps me out a little, but did seem pretty clean the one time I needed to use it.

My Safeway (North Point) doesn’t have a bathroom but it occurs to me that there is one elsewhere in the mall (which Safeway isn’t responsible for).

Reminds me of an old, OLD childhood joke:

“Why did they put a bathroom in Loblaw’s?”

“So people wouldn’t do to the A&P.”