Name that restaurant -- unnamed restaurant for sale in Westchester

I found this restaurant for sale listing on a real estate site. No name, location or pictures for confidentiality but a bunch of details. Anyone care to guess which it is? I have no idea.

RESTAURANT FOR SALE Westchester County


Business Highlights
• Well-Established, Successful Restaurant
• 100 Seats Currently
• 3,968 SF; Seasonal Outdoor Seating
• Very Busy Downtown with Foot Traffic
• 7 Days/Week; Over 15K Vehicles/Day
• Half Million Dollar Outside Catering Business
• Fully Licensed (Liquor/Beer/Wine)
• Only 5% Retail Vacancy in Village
• $1.28M | Dec 2019 Avg Home Price

So I posted this in the other site and the answer seems to be that it’s Bronxville.

Idk. I can’t imagine what restaurant that would be here. My thought was Scallini because they have a lovely courtyard, but they can only seat 50.

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I just stopped by to post about Big W’s and saw this … could it be The Urban Hamlet?

EDIT: I don’t want to start a new thread so I’ll leave this here

This was just posted by Warren Norstein on FB
“Just met with a business broker to sell Big W’s. It’s not exclusive and if there’s a young chef or someone doing the food truck thing who wants to experience a very satisfying journey. Message me, directly. I’m committed to my next venture, and I would like to set up the next barbecue family before August”

I realized that I never posted the web page which has more details. It still seems to be available.

Westchester, NY (Business Sale) - Westchester Restaurant - Admiral Real Estate

Hi Chowdom - nice to see you! I never did make it to Big W’s.

I’m not sure where this is - Hartsdale?

Definitely Bronxville. I think it’s the place on Pondfield Rd, near Cedar, across from the Post Office. Keeps turning over every handful of years. I think it is the Urban Hamlet. Although I haven’t been back to B’ville since I moved to the Catskills 3/2020, just before NYS covid lockdown hit.

Agreed, Sammys was there for a while, that was my first guess as well, I mentioned it in my post upthread but no one seems to have noticed :upside_down_face:

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But are they doing a half million dollars in catering biz? Also, according to their website, they only just opened last year and are part of the group that owns the 105- restaurants elsewhere in the county, so I can’t see them doing that level of catering or wanting to sell it.