Naked Wines

I seem to remember some discussion a while ago back on CH. But I don’t remember specifics. Anyone have information or experience with this outfit?

I remember that a bunch of people seemed to sign up in order to tell us how wonderful it was, never to be heard from again. I also remember some more trustworthy people saying that they thought they could get better wines cheaper elsewhere and that in the end it was not a great deal. Not really a scam but just not worth it. This is just my knee jerk reaction to seeing that a thread titled Naked Wines was started. I really do not remember the details and it could have been on a site other than Chowhound. I would proceed with caution.

Scary. I guess they have their fans but, when someone disparaged them in a CH topic, their minions flooded that topic with drive-by defense posts. It was very obvious and not good. The mods said they couldn’t be sure it was spam even though there were dozens of one-time posts.

None of that actually tells you whether or not to buy from them, I know. They’re pretty big and, from what I recall, front the cash flow of smaller wineries in some way… so that’s good I guess.I have no clue about their quality though.

  1. As has already been said, the folks at Naked Wines aren’t really “angels,” but they are incredibly defensive when it comes to anything critical said about their company. Obnoxiously so, in fact, and – yes – obviously so, too! ;^)

  2. Naked Wines may be a source for decent, even good, wines. But – for me, and as far as the United States¹ is concerned – they are the modern-day version of Pierroth. There are better wines out there but – oh, the horror! – you have to do some shopping and find them yourself, as opposed to getting them delivered. You know, some people love those folks that deliver a box of vegetables directly to your from door; others prefer to go to the Farmer’s Market for themselves.

¹ In the UK, IIRC, Naked Wines purchased or merged with Majestic, so they actually have a brick-and-mortar presence.

Thanks, all. That’s what I thought–better wines at same or better pricing. And the last thing we need is a monthly delivery! Just thought I’d check it out–thanks.