Naked malted milk balls

I have a bag of uncoated malted milk balls…(impulse buy) and wondering about using them as a part of the ‘add in’ mixture (choc chips, nuts and these naked balls) for a blondie recipe. Worried they could sort of melt into a goo? Any opinions? Or where else to use them?

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Are we talking about a chocolate-less Malteser here?

If so, then they’d go perfectly in tiffin -

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Thanks Harters for the quick response. When I looked at the recipe it seemed more like a Chocolate biscuit mixed recipe whereas I am considering folding them into a wettish blondie batter and baking.
But! If I don’t use them in the blondie the recipe you link looks good to a malt lover😄

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Something like these, mostly sugar?

My guess is they’d lose some of their crunch where completely enrobed in batter, and melt & caramelize a bit like a marshmallow where they are exposed to direct heat. Could still be a good flavor even if gooey/toasted.

Or you could mix the nuts into the batter, melt the chocolate and spread it on top of the baked blondies, then sprinkle the malt balls on top. (And maybe some salt, I like pretzels on blondies to counter the sweetness.)


Yes, those are the ones I have. Thanks for your suggestions.


I’m assuming you’ve already eaten all of these, as I would have done if I bought them. I didn’t even know these existed.

At the very least, maybe crumble these up and sprinkle on top of your favorite dessert, or even ad to a shake?