Nahant Fish & Lobster...Lobster Rolls Rule in Nahant, MA

We were dying for a swim so we drove to Nahant Beach, Nahant, MA. After slogging through brown algae to get to a bit of cool, clear water, we felt we deserved a reward. Off to Nahant Fish & Lobster located in the little, tony, hamlet of Nahant at the very end of the Causeway which separates Nahant from Lynn.

Our efforts were rewarded by a superior lobster roll. Your $20 gets you a jam-packed roll with plenty of sweet knuckle and claw meat, the tiniest whisper of mayo, and just a tinkle of celery. It was so full that we each ate half and took the rest home for supper. No frills. No tables. Just the best lobster and a good-looking little fish market to boot.

Next time I’m getting the lobster grilled cheese sandwich. No fooling. I have a special dispensation from my cardiologist.

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Ok. Fes up. You had your fingers crossed behind your back when you posted this line…


Try Fresco’s in Malden. Ask for the lobster roll with butter instead of mayo, and no celery. Best I’ve ever had.


Thanks! This looks fantastic and I have never heard of this place. Are they new? Definitely worth investigating.

I think that I heard of them here, on the Boston board a few years ago. If I recall, I had asked for recommendations for roast beef sandwiches, and I believe that it was @passing_thru who mentioned Fresco’s.

Yeah, they’ve been around a couple of years. Everything I’ve had there is pretty good, esp. the roast beef. I’ve never had the lobster roll, somehow.


Try it! It’s worth it


I hate to be the bearer of such bad news, given how wonderful this place sounds, but Marc Hurwitz of Boston’s Hidden Restaurants just posted that they have closed permanently.


ah, that’s brutal. I thought this lobster roll looked great–I’m usually not a celery fan in a lobster roll, but I admit that the incredibly tiny amount of celery in the pic above makes it look like a good addition!

sad that they had to shut down.


Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggghhhh. This is almost THE LAST STRAW!!! I can hardly believe it. Just as I discover a hidden gem…POOF! Gone. OK, so now I have to look for an alternative. Suggestions?


I detest giving the “fork and knife” for bad news items. It’s more out of solidarity. Bummer.


So sorry, Suzie. We were all pretty excited by your report. This is such a brutal time.


Exactly., digga.