[Naha, Okinawa, Japan] Wet markets

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Visited two huge fish wet markets in Okinawa last week. The variety and quality reminiscent of a miniature Tsukiji.

Not as focused on LIVE as Chinese. The seafood was nevertheless absolutely fresh and pristine.

Saw a clam that I can only describe as a baby Giant Clam. Cannot remember seeing this anywhere before.


A dozen restaurants on the second floor of one of the markets will cook your catch for you for a fee.

For cooked fish, Hong Kong hands down. For sashimi, Okinawa gets the nod.

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I am not sure if I am reading the label right but it seems the price is very reasonable.

Very fair prices. Less than USD$3 for tray of scallop gonads. About same for tiny squid and Saba.

Best Saba ever. The mackerel was epitome of freshness with a firm snap. 10 bucks for 6 pieces of o-toro. Tuna was probably broken down that same morning.