Nagoya Japan. 1st Timer

Quick 1hr Shinkansen ride to Nagoya. Glad that we kinda missed the recent record heat, I can live with high of 84*f.

First time in Nagoya. Wandered by this place, :eyes: good.

The Ahi were swimming strong, Oysters in clear clean water. We’re in.


Servers were shy, but friendly and accommodating. The dining room was bright, colorful and fun.

Menu cover has name, no biz card available.

iPad ordering. Also actual menus with enticing photos. Also various menu cards with specials not on the pad.

First up, Hi-balls x 2. Double shot option available - YES please!!!

Otoshi was Seaweed w/Japanese Yam. A bit slimy, with a hint of Wasabi. Token charge for Otoshi is a form of table charge.

Our server fished out our Ahi from the tank, not more than 4 minutes later:

Grilled Rice with what may be a crab butter center. Tasty.

Sashimi. Of course.

Japan has the Best. Fried. Food. Never greasy. Coating that corresponds to the item.

Best Calamari in recent memory. Shatteringly crisp. Squid tender and juicy.

Oysters in a light flour coat. Oysters were plump almost bursting with juicy. I’d wager they were fresh shucked of the tank also.

Weakest of the fried was the Karaage, Fried Chicken. But only held against the oyster and squid.

Wanted a beer next. Partner orders me a Hoppy. Nice bottle, but comes with a tall glass half filled with water and ice. WTF!??? Not one to complain, sucked it up and it was rather tasty.

Turns out this a somewhat special almost non-alcohol (.8%) brew and mixed with Shochu.

Cucumber dressed lightly with Sesame oil.

It’s now 5:30am and dawn is breaking. Breakfast time. Good night. :zzz:


Haha… I made the same mistake in Nagano! After a couple of sip I asked if it was beer. Turned out it wasn’t. So we ordered ice cold sake, and then cold beer from the tap (which we didn’t see earlier).

There’s a big language barrier but that didn’t stop us and the owner/employee from having a great time.

Tiny place, 2 or 3 tables and the counter (where we sat). Hadn’t noticed it was quite late by the time we left. Walked the empty streets back to the hotel. Never felt unsafe anywhere in Japan.


I vaguely recall having Hoppy in an Izakaya in Piss Alley in Tokyo. AFTER 3-4 neat Jacks with as many drafts.

Asked wife next morning how we got back to hotel. She don’t know neither. Thus the “vaguely recall” part.

You’re absolutely right about Japan safety. Sadly, my home town of San Francisco, not so much.

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Kiya Unagi Restaurant, near Nagoya Castle.

Clear Freshwater Eel broth with a bit of Eel Liver. Clean and fresh. Eel liver reminiscent of Ankimo, Monkfish liver.

Unagi lunch set, enjoyed in three stages.

Start with just Eel and Rice. Sauce was flavorful but light and pleasantly complemented the Unagi and the rice.

Generous portion of Unagi over rice in a good sized bowl.

Next, with tiny bits of pickled vegetables. The fermented and pleasant sour tasty counterpoint to the rich eel and sauce.

Finish the set by pouring the special tea over the Rice, Nori, Wasabi and Green Onion.

Excellent meal. Kudos to the very welcoming staff and the grill master!


What’s the location of this place? (from your first post)

Thanks so much for your post. It does my heart good to see these offerings.

I am reminded of the line in Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, when Mrs Gibbs pines to visit Paris: "you ought to see a country where they don’t talk in English and don’t even want to.”

This was a random restaurant that we walked by and enjoyed. Asked for their business card after dinner, but no luck. This was a few blocks from Nagoya Station, not much help.

Dinner at a similar style restaurant the following night. Name and phone in Japanese.

Love the call button.

Apparently famous for Chicken Wings. Salt and Pepper was tasty, especially balanced with our Hot Pot veggies.

Some meat Sashimi for added protein.

Always impressed with the quality of food and care in the establishments here in Japan.


Lunch at a Beef Tongue specialty restaurant.

Two lunch sets.

“Western” style Tongue Hamburg.

Grilled, tender and flavorful.

Red Bean stuffed Matcha Mochi to finish.