Nadiya Hussein's 2 new programmes

Hussein has 2 new programmes. I can’t find air dates anywhere but it’ll be sometime in the summer. Hit link for summary.

  • Nadiya’s American Melting Pot
  • Nadiya Bakes

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I made her crispy egg rolls recently and loved the take on a pan egg tortilla.

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I see the book for Nadiya Bakes is due out (in the UK) in July, so that would be a fair bet as to when the BBC will be shoiwng it.

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Dozens of her episodes are on YouTube under BBC.

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I usually watch and enjoy her programmes. She has an engaging onscreen personality and is a rare positive image of a Muslim woman.

That said, her food doesnt particularly appeal and I don’t recall that we’ve ever cooked one of her dishes.

Not familiar with her - thanks for the link!

ETA: Ah, GBBO! I have been following Chetna Makan (and have her first two books now) - I like her incorporation of indian flavors into baked goods and “western” recipes, very much how I grew up thinking of world food. She’s mostly on YouTube (which I don’t use much) but I follow her on IG.


That’s it!

Her ebooks are often on kindle sale - I think I picked them up for a couple of bucks. Have made a few things that have worked well flavor-wise.

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I was a big fan of hers during Bake Off. Got her Chaat book but havent yet cooked from it.