NadaMoo vegan "ice cream"

Has anyone tried this brand? It’s on sale at our grocery store this week and I’m wondering if it’s worth trying. I do not care for a pronounced coconut taste.

The vegan inlaws brought the maple pecan to a family gathering last fall. I thought it was ok and not real coco-nutty tasting. Pretty sweet though.

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I haven’t had nadamoo for a long time, just not common around here, but i can say that chocolate flavor coconut milk based ice creams the coconut milk is barely detectable, the chocolate seems to overpower it.

The So Delicious cashew based ice creams and soy based ice creams are my favorite- they seem to go on sale sporadically but are so good i’ll pay full retail for a pint! (Still cheaper than a few cones at an ice cream shop)

Thanks, T. I can definitely taste the coconut but can somewhat cover it up with Hershey’s syrup :wink:

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Have tried the brand a few times… Definitely coconut. Glad I tried it but won’t be buying again.

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