N.J.’s 25 best hot dog joints ranked, for National Hot Dog Day


I was going to ready this, but it’s asking for $100/year to subscribe, or $10/month. Darn!


I shared from the hot dog page, I’ll try and copy. They had similar complaints.
Worked great in Oregon.

Yeah, well I understand the newspapers need paying subscribers now, I’m not paying for NJ.com OR for the APP (but ESP the APP—Their site is full of so many pop-ups and videos that it gets jammed up).


Sites that might have 1 or 2 articles a month I’m interested in reading and want to charge $10 a month or $100 per year represent a horrible value proposition. I can’t see any story being worth $5. (Well, maybe that time @joonjoon won the hot dog eating contest)


No problem seeing the entire article from Texas. It even shows Subscriber Exclusive with a little key up top.

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I had subscribed at the beginning of the pandemic to support them, and cancelled when the front page was full of sports stories for sports that had been suspended. But it seems I still have access to subscriber content. Pretty much the same list year in, year out. We all know he’s not a fan of Hot Dog Johnny’s.

25. Galloping Hill Inn, Union
24. MoonDog Grill, Moorestown
23. Texas Weiner I, Plainfield
22. Sonny’s Grille, Belmar
21. Jerry’s Famous Frankfurters, Elizabeth
20. Dee’s Hut, Roselle Park
19. Curbside Cafe, Parsippany
18. Dickie Dee’s, Newark
17. The Hot Grill, Clifton
16. The New Corral, Clifton
15. Jimmy Buff’s, West Orange
14. Tower Dogs, Asbury Park
13. Hot Diggidy Dog, Chatsworth
12. Karl Ehmer Meats, Hillsdale
11. Destination Dogs, New Brunswick
10. Boulevard Drinks, Jersey City
9. Toby’s Cup, Lopatcong
8. Maui’s Dog House, North Wildwood
7. Andys’ Roadside Dive, Mount Arlington
6. Randy the Hot Dog Guy, Hillside
5. Tony’s Specialized Hot Dogs, Newark
4. Hiram’s Roadstand, Fort Lee
3. Relish, Belmar
2. Tommy’s Italian Sausage & Hot Dogs, Elizabeth
1. Rutt’s Hut, Clifton



I like this place in the Flemington area: https://highway-hot-dogs.business.site/ Their milkshakes are very good.

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Callahan’s is notoriously missing from the list, but they didn’t survive the pandemic and closed. They still have a truck.

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