Myung Ga, Korean in Centreville, VA

Myung ga refers to themselves as a ‘deli’ so expect a limited menu. But it delivers very well on what it does.

The combination kimbap is fine, nothing too special.

We really enjoyed the ohbul dupbap, which is squid and shredded pork in a delightful red pepper sauce. Only a bit spicy, this is like a pork bbq sandwich filling served with rice. Addictive.

Not many places make sujebi, which is hand torn noodle soup. Here they have two versions, one plain and the other spicy. We got the plain version. It’s made with an anchovy base, and tastes greatly of the copious amount of seaweed included. The noodle here are very well done. They are thick snowflakes of noodle, could be made from potato starch. I’ve had this before also from acorn starch. This is a very nice and warming experience in contrast to the intensely flavorful shredded pork dish.

Overall, a highly pleasurable meal.