Mystery snacks from Japan!

One of husband’s patients brought these from Japan and I would love to know what they are before I open them. Google translate wasn’t that helpful. Anyone what these might be?

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The first one is soy sauce flavor rice cracker. Looks like this:

The second is a potato (probably sweet potato) snack. I don’t know if it is mash potato snack, or actually dried up candied potato


Yayyy! Thank you!

I live in Japan and am fluent in Japanese (though I’m not Japanese). The first one is indeed a rice cracker, but it’s fried mochi as opposed to regular rice. While rice crackers are indeed made with mochi (sweet rice), not all are. The ones pictured are yummy, but high in calories.

The second one is a mashed sweet potato confection and that product or similar ones are quite common (especially as souvenirs). Oddly enough, they call most of these confections “sweet potato” in English totally ignoring the fact the name of the actual vegetable in English is simply called “sweet potato” (which in Japanese is “satsumaimo”, “Satsuma” being the area that is currently Kagoshima Prefecture.


Thank you so much!

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Please let us know if you like them. I know the mash sweet potato snacks are popular in Japan, but I never like them, but that is just me. I love rice crackers however. Some can be oily, and I like the less oily ones. Hope you enjoy yours.


You’re very welcome!