Mystery icons

Across the top of my phone’s browser window, there’s a row of barely-legible icons with unrecognizable letter abbreviations for place names, followed by more icons that say: hat, pot, wedding cake, eggplant, turnip, old-fashioned TV, immature plant, question and answer bubbles, wine, and martini.

I know that each mystery abbreviation will take me to discussions for a specific but unnamed place, but the other ones are more of a challenge; for example, if I wanted to ask about the best method of butchering and barbecuing my old TV, would I go with Q&A (because it’s a question), or Old TV (because it’s an old TV), or Wedding Cake (because I’m married and I like cake)?

Inquiring minds are smarter than mine.

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Also, can we get a bourbon or scotch glass icon up there? :thinking: Stat!!

That would be fair, I guess… But there would also need to be a lot more icons if there’s one for each vegetable - the eggplant, turnip, and unidentified seedling look lonely. :slight_smile:

Sorry if I wasn’t making sense. It just seems to me like the row of icons doesn’t do much good in its current form, and it would be nice if it went away. Or if it was changed to (gasp!) readable text instead of being cryptic.

However … I’m thinking surely it must be better somehow on desktop, and if this row of icons works great on desktop (I don’t see how it could work great because it’s so cryptic, but if it does), and if it’s also a pain to try to change it (which such things almost always are), then leaving it alone is probably better than struggling for such a small benefit.

PS: At small sizes, the wedding cake looks like the Ziggurat of Ur, or perhaps a really weird ship on the horizon. And the hat looks like a massive smokestack. My “icon Rorschach” for the day. :slight_smile: