Myanmar Thai inside Lotte Catonsville [Baltimore]

I sampled some things for their opening. If I wasn’t leaving for China tomorrow, I’d have already started working through the menu.

They serve (black?) tea with meals. Not sure if that is traditional.

There’s also a biryani shop clone in there that just opened couple months ago.


Visiting family really wanted to go for lunch today. Some quick pics.

Food is homestyle. It took about 25 minutes for everything to arrive. Will try to give some details later. (It was cold next to the open refrigerators, hence the jacket.)


Burmese green tea is served complimentary. The aroma was like rice and the flavor reminded me of, I want to say, Hojicha.

Here is what the dry leaf looks like.

The same tea is used to make this salad. The chef showed me the tea leaves prepared for the salad. Honestly, while the flavor was great, the texture was off and it was difficult to eat. I’m not sure if it’s something you get used to over time.

Chicken curry was the standout. It tasted just like a Pakistani chicken salan, except with the skin on and larger pieces of chicken. I wish Pakistani restaurants could get this right. I didn’t want this to be the best dish, because I always make it at home, but it was. They give you a plate with rice and some disposable gloves to eat it.

Complimentary jackfruit, eggplant, and green bean soup. Solid.

Glass noodles with chicken were okay. Baby corn and quail eggs were nice. Noodles were a little over and the dish didn’t have much flavor without the accompanying hot sauce/green chili/onion sauce. Hot sauce didn’t taste like sriracha when eating straight, but did give off sriracha vibes when eating with rice. I had already asked a hundred questions by then so I let it go.

A unique addition to the neighborhood, for sure.


Here in the SF Bay Area we have a number of Burmese Restaurants.
The Tea Leaf Salad looks quite different than what I am used to seeing here. Tea Leaf
Was it mixed at the Table?
And have never seen a Glass Noodle Dish on any of the Menus.
I wonder if one of the Chicken Noodle Salads are Nan Gyi Thoke (may be the Big/Small Round Noodle)

Which definitely a Burmese Dish.

I’ve been to Superstar.

No, pre-mixed.

I specifically asked if this was Burmese before ordering. The owner conversed with the chef who confirmed it was Burmese. Will inquire further next trip.

We had a Burmese restaurant here in Philadelphia for years that closed about a year and a half ago😢. I search for their thousand layer bread.

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Honest question. Why the Stars of David?

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6 sided stars (and swastikas for that matter) pop up on old buildings in SE Asia and Nepal. I would imagine some of it originates in India but the people there were using these symbols for centuries, perhaps millenia, before their use in the West.