My Username Is Not My Twitter Handle

My username here is eleeper, but my Twitter handle is ecleeper. Whoever is uploading my posts from here is using @eleeper, which is someone else entirely on Twitter. How do I get this fixed? I don’t particularly want to change either username.

The system automatically feeds all new NJ threads to the NJ twitter accounts. They just read the user name here and add a @ in front. So there isn’t a way to fix. Are you getting nastygrams from the other Twitter user?

No, no nastygrams.

Call me foolish, but I want my postings credited to me, not someone else. I want responses to come to me, not someone else. I want to be able to see which of my postings appear on Twitter.

If I cannot map my usernames, can I disable reposting to Twitter?

I will defer that to the NJ mods @seal @NotJrvedivici . I originally set up the Twitter accounts and automatic feeding of new topics to the accounts to broaden the appeal of the board to other accounts who follows local food critics. there isn’t a way to cherry pick which post to repost or not. Either we have them all, or none. Just be aware that new bloods will be limited without social outreach.

Alternatively, some of you can admin that Twitter account and manually change the postings as you see them.

I guess this problem is not specific to you. All my new posts apparently is referenced to this Twitter account with the name sck, and apparently its an Elvis wannabe:

Lmao. Seriously funny.

Wish I was more tech savvy to help out.

Come to think of it many people confuse me with that total jerk on chow named Jrvedivici.

I’m sorry to eleeper for the problem she is experiencing however I do not use twitter and this entire conversation is truthfully beyond my knowledge or skill set, sorry.


I actually prefer to not have people handling my twitter, much less my tweets…

To avoid this problem, the first post one should avoid mentioning the handle of any user. Not ideal solution, but well…

I think it’s an odd assumption to post HO posts to twitter under our HO names. My user name here is also not my twitter handle. I’m sure lots of people have different user names for different sites.

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This doesn’t affect me at all but I have to say I’d find it a bit invasive to have my posts here copied to another medium without my permission. I get that it probably helps the NJ board, and anyone could copy them to somewhere else, but still.

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