My top 5 Asian breakfasts.

(1). Poori masala.

(2 ).Hainanese chicken rice.

(3) Roti canai

(4) . Nasi Lemak

(5.) Egg hoppers.

Any others I should look out for?

How do you feel about congee and pho?

Congee and Pho are unhealthy. :sweat_smile:

I like a fresh congee in the morning. I like the particular version called: raw boilin congee (生滾粥). I also like wonton soup (with wonton dumplings, not just the broth).

not sure how i missed this thread. The interesting thing about these food is that outside of Asia, most of these are just regular lunch / dinner menu items in Asian restaurants (since they aren’t as likely to open for breakfast!). In no particular order:

Dim Sum

Steamed stuffed buns, baozi, usually filled with pork, veggies

congee plus youtiao (chinese cruller)

tang yuan- sticky rice with e.g. sesame inside

Chinese crepe wraps (jian bing)- pancakes

Hot dry noodle (Hubei, China)

Guilin rice noodle

Khao Tom- Thai congee

Bun- rice noodle

Xoi- sticky rice

banh cuon- steamed roll

banh mi


chole bhatura

masala dosa

idli sambar

Jook with potato chips and Thousand year eggs.

Kaya toast

Fried rice made with last night’s supper leftovers.

Bao, of course


natto over hot rice

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Stir fried eggs with tomatoes from Fuchsia Dunlop book, Every Grain of Rice.
We eat it regularly when our tomatoes are ripe from the garden.

Vada with sambar and coconut chutney.

And I had an amazing lemongrass, rice and egg drop soup in Cambodia that really got the endorphins going.

I’m a fan of the casual breakfasts offered by Matsuya, the Japanese chain. Always natto, sometimes tororo, seldom the hard boiled egg.

I’m also partial to ful (even though most countries that haveit for breakfast aren’t in Asia), 煎饼 (jianbing) with 油条 (youtiao; the crunchy thing, not so much), kaya toast with copious teh tarik, and c/o Tsukiji’s 24-hour sushi places…sushi. 5am dim sum in Hong Kong works too.