My Philly peeps.....need a recommendation(s).........................

Looks like I will be doing some business entertaining in Philly in the next week or two, looking for the BEST steakhouse Philly has to offer. Here are a list of places I know of and don’t care to go, looking for something “intimate” (not from a romantic standpoint, but quiet and conducive to conversation at a normal tone) and preferably not a NY branch off like the Palm. Here are places I’m aware of already:

Palm (been here done that…although it is very good)
Del Frisco’s (If anything like their NY locations way too loud/busy, can’t stand it)
Flemming’s Prime (I’ve been to the one in NJ and it wasn’t bad, I was surprised to find out this was in the same corporate family as Outback)
Robert’s (I was at their “original” NY location, which really didn’t do anything to add to the quality of the meal, I would consider revisiting in Philly if I’m told it’s up to the best of the rest)

So please let me have some recommendations!!! Thanks in advance!

My favorite steak spot in Philly is Butcher & Singer (a Steven Starr restaurant). Food and service are excellent and it is quiet enough for conversation.

Barclay Prime is also excellent, but I find it to be louder/less intimate than B&S.

Oh I’m liking the pic’s of the dining room, very nice. (butcher and singer)

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Yes, it’s very comfortable. And the tables are well-spaced, so you don’t feel like you’re listening in on others’ conversation. And the food really is excellent. (The cocktails are pretty good too :wink:

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Excellent thank you!

Based on our experience at its Washington, D.C. power table operation, we suspect The Prime Rib in Philadelphia might also be calling your name. By the way, is your caricature on any Palm wall?

Thank you for the recommendation!

No, I have never reached a level of fame that my portrait deserved to adorn the walls of any establishment. (Although there was a time in the late 80’s you could have seen my picture on the wall of your local post office. :wink:

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Da nada.

Here’s the yearbook:

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