My NYC friends, I'm cross posting this because it's only an hour door to door and it's for a good cause!

@NotJrvedivici Great idea!

Challenge is, it’s 1h20 by train from penn station on a good day (yeah, I’m one of those non-driving ny-ers :joy:). I guess we could see how many are interested and get a carpool together, but I’d guess a weeknight might make it more of a challenge.

We could try a combined HO-down somewhere closer (Hoboken?) and still donate to charity :thinking:

FYI The Red Bank location is literally a 2 min walk from the train station.

Perhaps we can look for a location closer to NY for a future event, we would need to find a location that will feed us for “free” though. I’m not sure of anywhere like that in the Hoboken area.

I’ve been to red bank, I’d go again. Just the logistics, esp on a weeknight (iirc the trains are also spread out). But if there are enough people, we could share a car (or car service).

A combined HO-down at some point would be fun, not to replace this, just as a general idea!

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