My new website

I’ve been designing a new website!
It’s an idea I got recently. Quizzes related to food.
You might remember I asked how to categorize food…it was for this :slight_smile:
It’s not yet published or complete. Added a few quizzes to check it out and that’s all.
I would appreciate if you would take a look and tell me your honest opinions about it here. The layout, content including menu items, colour scheme, and everything.
Sorry there’s no main page yet, just waiting to finalize the layout. Here’s the site:
Still no quizzes under all categories. Only under exotic and miscellany


A few suggestions.

Maybe one question in each screen?

If there isn’t more than one answer to each question, how about use bullets instead?

Maybe make it clearer how to start the quiz? I clicked on the picture but that may not be obvious to others.

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Yeah actually I would like to have one question at a time to suit mobile users. The thing is I’m using the HD Quiz free version which doesn’t have that option. Its options are limited.
My other option was to publish the questions in one page and answers in another. That would’ve been even more disastrous I think. The only free plugin with good performance is HD Quiz.
I will try to add the link to the feature image so that clicking on it would also take the viewer to the quiz. Thanks for pointing it out. Really appreciate.

I tried it on the phone yesterday, and found the menu a bit confusing, when you click Quizzes, you go to a blank page. But maybe this is due to the site not finish yet.

I find some of the questions of the quizzes insignificant.
Eg. Which of the following dictionaries define this food as “definition here”

  • Dictionary A
  • Dictionary B
  • Dictionary C
  • Dictionary D

Who said this bread is biggest contribution to the world

  • Journal A
  • Journal B
  • Journal C
  • Journal D

Yeah the problem is that submenu button is too small at the very end of the “quizzes” menu item. That small downward arrow. It’s the theme layout. Due to that problem I searched for a theme, turns out every theme has that layout. I use Sinatra theme as it allows a great deal of customization, but occasionally some problem like that exists. I’m going to log in now and see what I can do.
Or I will add the submenus in the “quizzes” page. What do you think about that? So visitors can go to the subcategories either from the main menu or from the quizzes page.

About questions, honestly I quickly whipped up some quizzes to add so that I can get an idea about how it looks. I must change some questions and also add more to each of the quizzes.
That’s why I have invited everyone to create a quiz to be published under their names. I will change those questions soon.
Thank you so much for taking time to go through it and make invaluable feedback.

Trying to do it on Gutenberg blocks, really hard. lol. I have to use elementor. It will take time.

@naf I changed the quizzes landing page. Added some buttons as an example.
I must change it later using elementor. Current buttons cannot be formatted much actually.

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Yes it’s better, if you can add images, it will be even better.

Actually why do you want to make this site? What type of people you want to attract?

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Using elementor I can add images and colorful buttons. I’ll do that soon.

I didn’t target any specific audience actually. I was always wanting to do a quiz website and then I narrowed the niche to food because there’s a lot to discuss. But now I realize that I don’t have that expertise in food to make solid unambiguous questions.

But I’m still going to research a lot and create questions, and get help from others who would want to publish something under their name, and maybe give them a no-follow or do-follow link depending on the nature of the link.

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@naf Here I created an example quiz page.
It’s just a test bed, didn’t set as the quiz page yet. But I guess this is roughly the style you said.
I’m going to make uniform photos, more colourful. These are some example photos only. And maybe I should display the menu title in larger letters on the photo rather than below it. I’ll add 8 tiles of items like that.

Better with images, I feel that a one-word category title isn’t enough for me to want to click to see what is inside. I see some quiz sites using questions to get people interested to have the desire to click. Or more attractive titles and description, I don’t know.

I’m not familiar in quiz interface, have you done a benchmark? I think some ideas can be adapted within the limits of the plug-ins you’re using.

HD Quiz plugin has a few more designs such as photo answers which I will use later on.

Those top sites are more of “viral” quizzes which is a really great way to get more shares and eventually more visitors. I’m planning to make a few of them as soon as I finalize the site.

And when I can afford, I’ll buy a pro plugin which will give me unlimited control over the quizzes.

However, one thing I hate on those sites is the excessive trash that appears in each page. You have to navigate through a labyrinth of ads, other posts, videos, and many other stuff to get to the actual quiz. Then the quiz offers one question each page. You have to wait a few seconds to get each question.
I’m going to avoid that. I want the site to be purely for the purpose of quiz, and anything else should be secondary, not disturbing the user experience.
I am going through each of the sites in the link you gave, to get some of the great ideas in them. Thank you very much for taking time to post it here. Really appreciate it.

p.s. is very close to what I want to achieve. I like their branding and those small icons. Very close to what I’m planning. They have been in operation since 1999 though. I have a long way ahead. :smile:

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Removed unused items from the menu and added a new home page. Not really happy with the image though.
What’s left is to set up the Quizzes landing page as suggested above by naf. Designing some simple items for that.