My Lunch at Palomar (London, England)

I was very impressed with the food at Palomar. I’m on a diet and tried to choose
semi-healthy foods, but I got a bit carried away. I sat at the counter and really enjo yed watching
the young chefs do their thing. All seemed very enthusiastic and to be enjoying their job.
Luckily for me, they forgot to bring my starter. With great apologies, I was given three plates of free food. Could
I turn that down?

My starter, a special scallop in orange butter sauce arrived and was delicious. The pork belly tagine with Israeli
couscous followed… it surprised me. It was round in shape and had little fat, which made me very happy.
. My small taste of the polenta with truffle and a nice salad added to my thoughts that everything I tasted was outstanding.

OK - it’s not a cheap meal, but it’s London!