My foodie two hours in Portland today

Left my brother’s Hillsboro house at 10 am bound directly for Olympia Provisions. After circling around twice and almost driving into a film shoot on the next block I finally found a semi-legal parking spot. Ten minutes later I was loading in the big bag of assorted artisanal salami that will be joined with cheese, fruit, bread, and wine for Wednesday’s picnic on the mountain, into my car.
Two quick turns and I’m heading down MLK to Pacific Pie on 7th. I sat at the bar and ate right at 11:30 when they opened. I really enjoyed my starter of mini sausage rolls. The rolls lived up to the hype and are the thing to get here. Less successful was the beef and cheese pie I had next. Perhaps freshly out of the oven would have been different, but my 11:30 am pie suffered from having likely sat around for a while. I grabbed a lovely looking marionberry pie for dessert tonight to go with stop number three.
After parking nightmares with stops one and two, I was way too happy to see a lot outside of Big’s Chicken. I had called for my pickup and was soon back on the highway. As I sat in the lunchtime traffic on the freeway the smell of that chicken started getting to me. So, of course, the moment I got home I ate a piece of chicken and washed it down with a slice of pie that I will have to explain later.
Tomorrow is Pok Pok for some wings. Excellent. :yum:


Does Olympia Provisions have similar prices at the store versus their web page? Did you get to taste them at the store?

And which salamis did you enjoy the most from them?

As per my written directions from my hosts, I got all the French style salami they had - 4 different ones, including one made with local nuts. Four different salami cost me a few dollars less than the $40 the same sampler pack costs on their website, but I am not sure about shipping costs. We are off to Pok Pok today and will not try them until the picnic lunch tomorrow. I’ll report back then.

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