My first crawfish of the season Houston

MY HEB advertises crawfish on the weekend and I was there on Thursday with the plan being a prime burger in the cast iron skillet.

The ritualistic trip through the seafood market revealed a mountain of crawfish in the sack on ice. I did a little hemming and hawing and said the heck with it and got 2 1/2 pounds figuring they would be fresh.

They were fresh as I only pulled out three dead ones during the purging process. The size was mostly medium with some above and below, 3.47 loose and 1.69 in the sack and I’m pretty sure the prices will drop as the season goes on.

I was quite pleased with the flavor of the spices especially the juices from the head.

The genie is out of the bottle on boiled crawfish and raw oyster prices as it appears people will pay just about any price, witness the 12 dollar plus at Benno’s in Galveston consumed in huge amounts and they’re not even good. We love Benno’s and our connection hooked us up with a few and I wouldn’t pay a dollar a pound for them.

I’m a home cooker now but I called Bayou City Seafood and the prices are 7.99 and 6.99 during happy hour and all day Sunday. This was our go to place in the day but a line in the sand has to be drawn and I and Colonel Travis agree it is 7/6.99 bucks. I can barely tolerate 7 and it’s a good thing I can no longer do my 5 pound standard of 20 years ago.

The preamble is over and I suggest a crawfish meet on any Sunday after the 22nd or any Saturday after 4 that won’t pass the Colonel’s 7 buck line.


Keeping with the Texas history theme we can only do any meets on or after April 21st, San Jacinto Day.