My Chow Tribute to All Have been banned or left......

First this is by no means meant to be a slap in the face to Hungry Onion or the fine work that has been put into building this community. Just poking some fun over there and seeing if this post will stay up.


I think a lot of the emotional outbursts about CH have been really stupid but this is really well done, notjr.

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This is a very well written piece. Both humorous and insightful. However, what is your relationship with this jrvedivici person?


Nicely done, JR. Er, NotJR.


Bittersweet and apt. Thank you.

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Hmm, I can no longer find this post.

It’s on site talk.

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Very nicely done Sir… I was banned permanently after a particularity heated exchange with a prolific and self proclaimed “Founding member” of CH from the San Fran region after a number of my posts contradicting that poster’s opinions were deleted while his remained…so I asked if he was a mod?

My 5 year tenure as a trusted contributor was now null and void and I was banished to the fringes of culinary blogs and web sites…but now I enjoy the status of being a moderator on the “You ate That?” culinary site refereeing the opinions of 11 avid posters with insomnia/ADD and any combination of drug dependencies…


I went to that wretched site and logged in just to give you a “heart”.

Got a Rammstein version, too? :smile_cat:


That’s amusing (in case it’s unclear, I’m referring to your lyrics).


Bravo! Bellissimo! I can hear McCartney when I read that. All that’s missing is a rose and a shovel.


I can neither confirm nor deny any previous or current knowledge of that person.


I just don’t understand why you randomly taking screenshot of someone else post. Do you admit his works or something? Is he someone you inspire to be? Do you dream about him much?



All of the above, have you seen his profile pic on that site? He’s one handsome bastard!!


Love it

I’m shocked. 5 hours later and it’s still there . . . not even locked :open_mouth:



Yes, Jrvedivci is one handsome bastard. You may not know this, but I actually know this dude. You want me to introduce him to you? :grin:

They know it’s there because they moved it from General topics to SiteTalk and removed some tags I errrrrrrr I mean “he” had attached to it. So it’s not as if its flying under the radar.

Notjr, you seem to identify very closely with Jr. Is it possible you are twins separated at birth? I’d suggest a serious sit-down with your mom.

As for your “Yesterday” tribute remaining alive and on the radar? I’ve been sensing a real “mellowing” of TPTB at CH in the last 2 or 3 weeks. Perhaps a reaction to/acknowledgement of their dwindling postings and defection of long-time users?

I still stop by every day to see what’s happening there. But honestly HO has been more interesting and active.


You mean to give “him” a heart, obviously I’m “NotJrvedivici”. :wink: