Music venues where the food rocks

Last time we went to House of Blues MA to see The Shins, the crabcake was outstanding. BB Kings Lounge NYC serves up some fine mac n cheese with pulled pork sliders before heading to the club for Sons of Cream playing their fathers proud. Club Bene in NJ,back in the day, had tasty outside grills going for handmade burgers while Larry Carlton filled my ears.

What venue have you enjoyed where the food rocked right along with the music?


City Winery’s pretty good. Ditto Joe’s Pub. I wouldn’t go all the way to “rocked,” though.

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I enjoyed my Nashville hot smoked chicken (a city classic) at the Listening Room Cafe. Music was good - three singer /songwriters doing their own stuff.

More Southern classic food in Memphis at B B King’s Blues Club. I’m not a great fan of the blues - but when in Rome, so to speak.

OK, you’ve got to like Cajun music (I do) and you’ve got to like Cajun food (I didnt know I would until I went) - but Randol’s in Lafayette, LA ticked both boxes.

All these on the same trip.

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I only went to BB Kings once - to see Etta James. She was fantastic but I thought the food was awful.

Good on you for getting to Randol’s. We are very fond of the giant carved cypress gator greeter.

In the Cajun cuisine and music department, we were also fond of Mulate’s that departed Breaux Bridge.’s-in-breaux-bridge-now-pont-breaux’s.html

Did you try the mac and cheese in the upstairs restaurant or the club menu?

In another life, we were involved in presenting a BB King performance, where he told us backstage that he was using Fender strings on Lucille.

In a later life, House of Blues Chicago was also a hotel that hosted a good enough wine bar/restaurant called Bin 36 whose kitchen might have also served the club (but we didn’t get to the music, just the hotel room and restaurant).

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It was fortunate. We’d been to Prejean’s a couple of nights before and thought both the food and music awful. And I’d nearly killed the both of us on the drive home, completely forgetting which side of the road I was supposed to be on. So, I made a left turn, forgetting I would be crossing a lane of traffic. I missed the oncoming car literally by inches.

We’d had Randol’s on our “perhaps” list and decided to give Cajun a second chance. Really enjoyed the evening.

Sorry to hear about your Prejean’s meal. The smoked duck gumbo and eggplant pirogue never disappointed. Yanks driving in the UK worry about that first right turn.

There used to be a place outside of Tucson called L’il Abners. Great steaks & the longest continuous house band in America - The Sons Of The Prairie.

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