Music food collab would you go?

Ok friends. I am curious if you think this sounds interesting and promising or just plain weird. We are close enough to attend and I’m wondering whether to try or not. It’s an occasion day in my fam, so I’d be bummed if it was dumb and that’s what we chose to mark the occasion.

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I imagine it costs plenty, and it might depend on the venue, and of course your family, but I think it sounds interesting!

Wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole

I like both those things. I’d go.

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Cheapest tickets are $40 + service charge. I like Chamber Music, so I would consider going. But mostly if a friend expressed interest. They don’t announce what they are playing (usually problematic), so I assume that is secondary.

I’d go just because I find Kenji a very interesting food writer and cook/chef. I’m not sure if my extended family would be equally interested. It might be something I would go to with just my teenage kid as he is interested in cooking, chemistry and music.

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Ibid. I like Kenji and his approach to food, but I would bet that it would be a one time thing for me, and possibly a no time thing for most of my friends and family.

Interesting perspectives. 3 of us 4 in the fam are foodies, with the last wanting good food but just not out seeking it intentionally. And I’d say that the same number are quite into classical music, with the one least interested in food being most interested in music! We just might do it.