Murphy's Tavern, Rumson

I didn’t see a thread for this place, so here we go! Just read about it on Instagram via Booskerdoo coffee’s post and I’ve got to say I’m intrigued!

The post gets cut off but it says it’s a former speakeasy. Is this one of those spots you can’t believe I didn’t know about (yet)? Do tell!

Shhhh…don’t tell anyone any they will never find this spot. Lol

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Yeah seriously the first rule of Murphy’s Tavern Club is there is NO MURPHY"S TAVERN CLUB!!! I’ve been going to this place for years, way before they had the sign on the lawn. This is a really cool place to go have some cocktails, play some shuffleboard and just hang out. Sometimes the true locals can get a bit snippy with us “outsiders” but I don’t really mind. Cool place.

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It was just features on Restaurant Hunter last week.
They also used to run a full page ad in the tri city news

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BOOM–that’s where I’ve seen it! Thx Roland! I knew it was familiar, but when I didn’t find a thread here, I figured I was confusing it with another place (perhaps the Middletown Outback). :rofl:

Well after talking ABOUT Murphy’s in my Prohibition lecture for years, I finally got a chance to visit the place yesterday, but as a guest speaker. There was an auction a few months ago benefiting the Oceanic Library in Rumson and Murphy’s donated a two hour party for 30 people, drinks, snacks, and included me giving a talk about Prohibition. There was also a cocktail pairing during the talk.

I got to hang out with owners Robb and Heather, who were both awesome and really attentive to the bartending craft. They are two of only three employees for the whole place! It really is owner-operated. They have a good whiskey selection, including a Manhattan-based bourbon Great Jones which was excellent. I also have to say their pizza is along the lines of Pete and Elda’s for thinness and crunch. It was surprisingly good.

The place truly retains its historic speakeasy roots. It’s in the middle of a residential neighborhood and on your way driving there you may say out loud, “No way there’s a bar down this street!” We are planning more events in the future. Keep us in mind for a private party! LOL Or just check it out yourself.


Very cool gig.


Nice Greg! I have actually been planning on contacting you to do the same sort of thing for a charity group I am involved in! I’m big into prohibition cocktails. I have been going to Murphy’s for about 30 years…I will admit though I miss the way it was pre renovation…was quite a bit more rough around the edges…


Great! Give them a call (if you want to do it there) or I can put you directly in touch with Heather and we can figure something out!

Or if you have another location in mind, just let me know what you’re looking to do.


Great post. New restaurant 21A in Long Branch is named for the amendment that repealed prohibition. Think I will stop by this week. Murphy’s someday…


I said the same thing once they hung the sign!! You use to have to “know” where it was.


Did you ever make it to 21A? We went with another couple on Friday night. Loved it. Drafting a post with their name in the title.

Have not made it there yet but still on radar, maybe sooner after seeing your post.

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Last night was my first time visiting Murphy’s as a customer, rather than a guest/speaker. Had to give a lecture down the street from there at a library, and Justin and I, and a friend who attended, headed over there for drinks afterwards. Yes, I bribed the BF: Listen to me talk about the Titanic for 90 minutes and drinks are on me!

Dirty gin martinis for him and Bulleit Rye Manhattans for me, both properly made (STIRRED, not shaken), and Old Fashioneds for our friend.

Again, I’ll say their pizza rivals Pete and Elda’s. We also had fries.

Wonderful atmosphere and they had the Ranger game on. Perfection.