Muffin tops and bagel bottoms

Do you have a favorite half of breads and baked goods?

I love muffin tops but don’t enjoy the stumps. I often give those to the dog. Same with cupcakes, the top is the best.

I prefer the flat bottom of a bagel to the rounded top yet I prefer the top half of a scone to the bottom.

I also prefer the flat bottom of the English muffin. I think it’s because it toasts up crispier. I love a crisp English muffin. I always double cycle the toaster.

I always save my favorite half for last, regardless of what I’m eating.

This could be a new question for all those matchmaking sites that purport to be able to find your soulmate. Dislike muffin stumps? Find someone who prefers them!

There are muffin top pans, in case you didn’t know…

Also, a metaphysical conundrum: many people dislike muffin stumps, but nobody seems to have a problem with cupcake stumps. Hmm…

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I’m very particular about brownies - I want ALL soft middles, no edges or corners. My husband prefers the edges so it all works out!


Muffin tops only. Bagels, now I like bottoms but if the tops have flavoring I’ll need to eat that part. Cinnamon roll middles. Seven layer cake middles. And I agree about the English muffins!

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I used to have the same issue with English Muffins, when I was buying Thomas’s, but now that I’ve switched to Bay’s brand, they toast up nice and crisp, with only one cycle on the highest setting on my toaster.

I prefer muffin tops to the stumps, and prefer the top of the bagel (as I’m usually getting sesame or everything and that’s where most of the seeds are).

I also gave up on Thomas’ and buy Bays. I like them better but find them a bit thick.

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I forgot about cinnamon rolls. I know, that middle piece is so good!

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the crispy side/end piece always wins for me, too. Our bagels here in Montreal don’t have a top & bottom, though, they’re flipped halfway through baking and the seeds are everywhere!


Honestly I’ve never given this any thought. I’ll happily eat any part of everything mentioned so far.


That’s the way to make a bagel!!!


Those bagels look fabulous. We need more Montreal bagels in the US.


No to mention Montreal kosher deli - pastrami!

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Muffin tops for sure. (Reminds me if the seinfeld episode…!)
Bagel tops for me, the bottoms can get almost too hard after toasting, and the top has the seeds and such.
English muffin tops for thomas’s, nice contrast of crunchy toasted edges yet softer innards.
Center of the brownie
Insides of the croissant
Crust of a baguette
The filling of the pie- could care less about the crust

We can share a croissant. I like unwind them and eat the crispy outsides!

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Is stump the PC term? I’ve never thought about naming my less liked foods, but what a good idea.

The stump is just the bottom of a muffin, the part that can be dry and overcooked while the top is yummy and delicious! Cupcakes have stumps too.

I think that began with the Seinfeld episode:

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I always liked the bottom half of a bottle of vodka better than the top half. So I would always have to drink the top half as quickly as possible to get to my favorite bottom half. Strange I know!!


Those look delicious!!!

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I quit eating bread items and got rid of my muffin top and my bagel bottom.

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