Mua [ Oakland ]

Was looking for a bite on the slightly-late-side, like about 10pm, in Oakland on a friday night. Wanted a place fairly lively ( rules out hopscotch ), went to Longbranch the last few times, so headed to Mua.

Mua’s good.

Wait - yes, even starting around 10:30pm. Bar tables taken. Place started emptying out around then.

Drinks - great. The bar was busy enough, but it was getting closer to the end of the night. The “barrel aged” manhattan wasn’t, but still well balanced. Not a super premium bar, perhaps, but really solid.

Food was:
The Burger
Deep Fried Tofu
Arugula Salad
… something else

Wouldn’t get the deep fried tofu again. Pretty bland even swimming in Thai sauce and peppers. Arugula salad was nice, gave a balance to the meal. Burger was truly great. I think they might have smothered it in drippings, because the outside was carefully moist. Got the burger with no aoli but with blue cheese.

Where else would you have gone at that hour? Anywhere from Jack London Square to Univ Ave in Berkeley.

Thanks for asking this question— a ton of late night places have opened since I moved from Oakland 3 years ago, but I can’t tell when their kitchen’s close!

I used to spent a lot of time at Cantonese New Gold Medal (decent, but open) and soju bang Dan Sung Sa

I haven’t been since Plum and Plum Bar merged but they are open until 12:00am on Fri and Sat

They were on the short list. I’ve only had drinks there since they merged, and was looking to go back.

Just got back from a tasty late night Monday night dinner at Ramen Shop (College Ave., Oakland). They’re open (with other diners around) until 10:30 Sun.-Thurs. and until midnight Fri/Sat.