Mt Kisco, NY Lions Club Gourmet Brunch - anyone ever been?

(Bill) #1

I was walking down South Moger Avenue in Mt. Kisco last night after our Cafe of Love dinner and saw a flyer in an empty store window for the Lions Club Gourmet Brunch on November 19th. They list some pretty decent places as contributors to last year’s event (also some not so great places like Burger King). It seems like for $20 it could be a pretty good deal (and for a good cause, since it’s for charity). Has anyone ever tried it?

(Lauren D) #2

No - never been but it sounds great! Thanks for sharing - some great contributing restaurants on the list. :slight_smile: I might bring the whole family. A nice change of pace on a Sunday!

(Bill) #3

Maybe we can meet there. I wonder if you need to get there early to get the good stuff (assuming there is good stuff). And of course remember that is last year’s contributors. Obviously a few places on that list won’t be contributing this year since they’re out of business (like Cosi and 251 Lex). I’m a bit surprised that La Tulipe was not listed as a contributor.

(Lauren D) #4

That would be fun. It looks like treat-filled good time. Yes - I noticed that Cosi and 251 Lex were listed too. Surprised about La Tulipe as well - maybe they’ll come out with an updated list? Lalibela the Ethiopian restaurant would be a great addition too.

(Bill) #5

I think they just use last year’s list as an idea of what they might/hope to have this year (to get people to attend) and won’t update anything to show who will be contributing this year. They have a Facebook page but don’t even show the flyer there.

(Bill) #6

So are you or anyone else going to this? I think we might go.

(Lauren D) #7

My hubby’s still in bed & I have a ton of cooking to do for the week - plus a kid party to drive son#1 to, so it looks like it’s a bust for me! So Sorry! Please report back if you go!


@MisterBill Did you end up going?

(Bill) #9

We did go! It wasn’t bad. Not gourmet by any stretch of the imagination. They had a frittata, maybe from Village Social, that was pretty good. A breakfast pizza that I think was from Exit 4, also good. Lots of Italian dishes, there was an eggplant parm with ricotta that I think was from Sinapi’s, a pizza place across from Kohl’s that was pretty good (we had pizza from there once and it was quite good). A poached salmon from Conte’s that was pretty good, although I found a couple of bones and they had run out of the dill sauce. Some dips from The Turk that were very good… Also falafel and some other stuff that I think was from there as well. A sheet cake from Pastry Corner that was really good. And Cherry Garcia ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s. They had the whole container like they have at the scoop shop, and it was way too hard. I am not a lover of cherries and Cherry Garcia is probably one of the few flavors of B&J ice cream that I don’t like. But I forced myself to eat it :slight_smile: . Kittle House had something there but I forget what (maybe some pasta dish). Didn’t see anything from Ladle of Love (which was on the list from last year) As is the case with stuff being served in catering trays, most of it wasn’t all that hot, but it was a reasonable temperature.

They also had some raffles that I did not partake in since we didn’t stick around to the end. It’s probably a lot more fun if you know other people there, we didn’t know anyone.

(Gwenn) #10

I have heard their pizza is good. What is your definition of good pizza? (This is not to start a fight, this is because no two people agree on what good pizza is!!)

Sounds like a great time!!!

(Lauren D) #11

I’m glad you went. Sounds great! Hope to make the next one! @winecountrygirl - I’m not a pizza authority at all, but I do know where to find the good stuff all over Westchester. The pizza is terrific at Sinapi’s. It’s my favorite in the Northern Westchester area. I actually had my middle son’s most recent birthday party there - a make-your-own pizza party. (He’s a foodie like us!) Angelo the owner is terrific and very inventive (like parmigian garlic knots) as well as traditional - as far as Westchester pizza goes - their slices are extremely good.

A big plus – I know it’s non-traditional, but if you love Buffalo chicken pizza as much as I do, this place makes the best version I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried them all. :slight_smile:

(Gwenn) #12

@ieatalotoficecream -so is the pizza thin or thick crust? How is the sauce? I just by a plain slice first!! !

(Lauren D) #13

Hi Gwenn - you tagged ice cream in your reply, not me. :slight_smile: The pizza is thin crust. I think their sauce is very good - I crave their pizza. My absolute fave (the most like NYC pizza IMHO) in Westchester is Palisades Pizza in Yonkers and Sinapi’s sauce comes close!

(Gwenn) #14

Sorry!!! I’m out familiar with Palisades pizza. But thin crust is good for me!!

(Lauren D) #15

I think you’ll be pleased. :slight_smile: Let me know if you try it!

(Gwenn) #16

I will