MSSM Yorkville

New spot by Masaki Saito in Yorkville
Oddly enough it’s located right above my go to sushi spot Kibo secret garden
Priced at 98$/person seems to be selling out as our group of 3 couldn’t get any spots.
I could go alone as have seen spots in the evenings for 1
Anyone tried yet

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Finally got a spot end of this month. Will try and report back


Adding pics review to follow

The steps that lead to this are smaller than one expects so wear comfy shoes as it’s a steep climb as well. The place itself is larger than I thought it would be as familiar with similar setup nearby. Music is loud and it can be hard to talk to one another as the bar only seating means one is limited to talking to the person next to you or passing the notes just like high school :slight_smile:
Here is a play by play of the omakase set
Toro hand roll: Good stuff nicely toasted nori and good amount of rice to toro ratio. I have an affinity towards this dish so enjoyed it more.
Bonito with onion and apple sauce app: Decent though I was worried that onion might overwhelm my taste buds for the dishes that are to follow. Luckily it has been mellowed out and balanced with a sweeter sauce.
The nigiri set was good to very good with regular suspects of Hotate, Akami, Ika, Toro and Anago being stand outs
I really enjoyed my chawanmushi as I feel this dish isn’t appreciated/available enough in GTA.
Dashimaki was just OK IMO
Miso and Daifuku being the regular items as well.
A bonus was an Uni with Caviar shot at the end (I think the owner was present and gave a freebie to the whole restaurant) which I enjoyed a lot.
Decent value/quality proposition here IMO as Omakase sets can easily cost twice as much if not more.

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