Mrs. Elswood gherkin rebrand

I’m Jewish, and I’m not familiar with this British pickle brand, but I thought the article was interesting.

There’s always (almost) a jar of Mrs Elswood sliced gherkins in the fridge at this house. And, less regularly, a jar of the unsliced gherkins. There’s neither at the moment. But there is a jar of Lidl’s sliced gherkins.

Have to say, I’ve never particularly thought of it as a Jewish product. As the article points out, there are relatively few Jewish people in the UK and traditional Jewish foods have had no real impact on British cuisine. Yes, there’s a kosher section in the supermarket , right next to the halal section. It isnt where you’ll find Mrs E - that’s near the ketchup, chutney and piccalili. I live in an area where quite a few neighbours are Jewish - but then there is a synagogue literally round the corner from my house. They represent about 6% of the local population (national numbers are only 0.5% of the population).

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