Mr. Shrimp, Belmar


I can’t believe Mr. Shrimp doesn’t have a thread on this board, so here you go, folks. :slight_smile:

A last-minute plan came together and I met a friend there for dinner tonight. We each ended up with one of their entree salads, and were truly marveling at what a lovely thing it is to get a huge piece of excellent tuna over fresh greens at a totally reasonable price so close to home. My pepper tuna was $16.99 and her (smaller) grilled tuna was $13.99. The salad dressings were delicious. The staff is friendly and as attentive as you need them to be. It was a good reminder to get in before the crowds return…and before they move to their new space next door; not sure when that’s happening, but I assume it will be before Memorial Day.

Oh, and they’re participating in Jersey Shore Restaurant (longer-than-a) Week April 13-22.

(David) #2

I love Mr. Shrimp for good, fresh seafood at reasonable prices when I’m in Belmar. There is worse food for more money all over that town. I usually get their fried shrimp - plain, simple, and un-messed with.


Yes, Mr. Shrimp is my go-to place for seafood.