Mr. Jiu’s in Chinatown SF

I was recently taken to Mr. Jiu‘s for my birthday dinner. Mr. Jiu’s is sort of an upscale Hong Kong take on modern Chinese cuisine. Located in Chinatown. It was a very good experience. Here is what we ate:

Brined Celtuce with Chinese almond and lemon verbena- this was very crunchy, flavorful and refreshing. A great starter.

Chicken feet terrine with lime chili Sorrel. Great texture and chicken flavor.

Local halibut with hot mustard and fiddlehead ferns shoots. This was maybe our favorite course of the evening. The halibut was very fresh and enhanced by the spicy mustard flavor.

See urchin Cheong fun. This was a very interesting dish. The creamy urgent contrasted with the texture of the noodles.

Early girl tomato hot and sour soup with Maine lobster nasturtium and lily bulb. I am a big fan of early girl tomatoes, hot and sour soup and lobster so it was a given that we will try this. This was probably our second favorite dish of the evening. It was excellent. Husband says it kept morphing between hot and sour and tomato soup. I just found it a very satisfying dish and wish I had a bigger bowl. My only complaint is that I was unable to perceive any lobster. Husband says he could taste it in the broth.

Shui-Jiao with scallops shrimp card and dill. Excellent seafood flavor enhanced by the dill.

Matsutaki fried rice - excellent. A blend of textures with deep umami flavors.

Caramelized pluot dessert. Black sesame soft meringue encased black sesame frangipane enhanced by pluot goodness. Excellent


I’m soooo envious…sounds like a great dinner! I want to go to Mr. Jiu’s just for Melissa Chou’s desserts, LOL. She was amazing with her desserts for Aziza/SF when she worked there.

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Excellent. Thanks for the report. I’d love to try Mr. Jiu’s. But every time I try to look for a Saturday reservation, they don’t have anything unless its like 10pm, even if its two months out. Is this one of those restaurants that you have to wait for the reservations to open up and click like mad to snatch one?


It is definitely one of those places that you have to make a reservation when they open, at least for the weekends. You can always chance walking in early too!

If you’re willing to sit at the bar, I just walked in some weekday night a month or so ago and had no wait. There definitely would have been room for 2-3 people without much wait either.

That said, I had the “Mr. Jiu’s Classics” menu, which only has the cheong fun in common with what’s posted here, and wasn’t particularly impressed. These pictures do look quite a bit better and more interesting than what I had, though.

My unedited messages to friends of mine at the time:
"Mr jius - uni cheong fun, black sesame sponge cake, the scotch/rye/cardamaro/apple brandy drink, and the nantou dark oolong tea…and nothing else

probably not worth it overall

okay, bathroom’s pretty nice"

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Chef Jew has been running a store that sells prepared food and also grocery items during the pandemic called Jiu’s Ho Ho. One can also get some of the prepared food items from Mamahuhu (Mr. Jiu’s Chinese-American restaurant). I got a frozen zongzi as part of a Mamahuhu order a little while back and had it as part of lunch today and it was quite good. Nicely flavored sticky glutinous rice with chunks of lapcheong and dried shrimp and shiitake mushrooms. A bit smaller than the softball sized zongzi I’m used to but enough for a large snack or a small meal.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold