Mr. C's one day. McGillicuddy's the next.

Lunch at Mr. C’s in Allenhurst on Friday. Chopped salad with grilled chicken…chicken so tough it was almost inedible, iceberg lettuce. I know, but I go there for the view1

Yesterday at McGillicuddy’s in Loch Arbour…had the Sesame Chicken Salad…such a difference…nice fresh greens and the chicken was done perfectly.

I should know better.

Is that the restaurant on Deal Lake near the circle? I went once. Completely mediocre meal followed by a mouse running through the dining room…

Have you been to the Bar Room in Deal (or their sister restaurant The Elbow Room in Bradley? Much better options, imo…

I posted on here somewhere that I recently had dinner at Mr. C’s, chicken milanase. My chicken was also tough and dried out, obviously fried a few days in advance and sat in the fridge from that point on. I was VERY disappointed in that lack of quality from them.

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We went to the Elbow Room a couple of weeks ago, I had the cabbage salad which was very good and some ribs which were ok. My wife had the chicken Milanese which she said she would not go back for. Drinks were strong so nothing wrong with that, but I wouldn’t rush back to eat.

We too have seen mice at McGillicuddy’s but outside not inside. We went last night as I did not feel like dealing with crowds in Asbury Park. We know going in what to expect from the food.

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No, haven’t been to the Bar Room…Actually yesterday we were coming home from the theater in Long Branch and were going to stop at Richard’s for sandwiches and for some reason it was closed. So, we said, well let’s try the Bar Room…but, drove right by with out seeing it…so McGillicuddy’s it was!

Yeah, it’s a narrow spot! Pretty sure it’s next to Sarah’s Tent, which is a decent – sized market that IS easy to spot.

Richard’s closes at 3 p…m. on Mondays and Tuesdays and at 8 p.m. the rest of the week per its Facebook page. I had it in my head that they closed at 3 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday until I looked it up.

We knew it closed at 8 pm on Sunday so that’s why we were surprised that it was closed at 4:30. The hours on the door were 8. There were a couple Jewish Holidays last week so maybe that had something to do with it.

Just curious, has anyone been to Mr. C’s recently?
Has the food improved?

I know this isn’t helpful, but the last time I was there 5-6 years ago, my food was bad enough I’ll never go back. Drinks sure, dinner, nope. Sorry. (I did however have an Espresso Soda over the weekend, though)

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Lol yeah about that soda, being diagnosed with type two diabetes has somewhat curtailed my intake
Have a few for me man!

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