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hi, we’ve had a pied for the last five years on the UWS, favorite restaurants have been szechuan garden (which we think to be one of the best szechuan restaurants in Manhattan), flor de mayo, malaysian grill, doaba deli, manhattan valley, vinateria in harlem and bahn. for bagels we like lenny’s and absolute, pizza is sal and carmines and mamas too. So mostly small-ish ethnic restaurants serving good food at fair prices.

we’re excited to be moving crosstown to yorkville around 86th and exploring a new area. Looking for similar recommendations, we’ve discovered black star bakery, which is excellent but haven’t really tried too many places as we don’t move in for another couple of months. Seems like the ferry to astoria will be fun!


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Mole, San Matteo, Drunken Munkey, Vietnaam, Wa Jeal, Amura, A La Turka for starters.

Plus Nick’s & Delizia for neighborhood standbys.

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thanks for this! will be fun to try some of the old eastern European restaurants, looks like a number of good noodle/ramen joints too.

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I’m meh on the noodle/ramen options having tried a few - probably Naruto on 3rd was the best bet.

There are, however, smaller sushi / omakase places that are excellent. And the original Gari is there - which is a whole different feel.

There are fewer of the old school Eastern European places now, but yes. 2nd Ave also used to have a plethora of tiny turkish places in a row, which were all decent.

(There’s a lot of choice, but really good is a bit of a needle in a haystack. )

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thanks…just looking at photos, pengs looks good, thep thai, some of the photos from hui look interesting. saw a couple eating hummus/baba outside of hummus kitchen, looked good. zabb putawn…also, prob some places in harlem…

Thep is good. There’s good thai around there in general. I also like Amber, even though it’s a broad menu - the UES location is reliable and tasty like the UWS one.

thanks for the tip on amber, we havent been to the one on the uws as we rarely eat south of 96th though we do walk down to 72nd for sushi yasaka. a new omakase, sushi w, recently opened up around 100th and broadway, $48 tip included, we went once and it was excellent…not saito excellent but definitely $48 excellent…worth a try.

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If you’re moving to Yorkville on 86th, then Heidelberg will be right by. One of the last vestiges of the German legacy of Yorkville. Das boot!

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Heidelbergs is great for sausages and some of the best potato salad around town.

Shcaller and Webber’s is great for your german meats.

Conmigos for tacos (not authentic, but still quite decent).

Elio’s for Italian.


I’ve enjoyed the cheesecake at Two Little Red Hens on 2nd Ave. It’s apparently closed and moving but the FB page, IG and website haven’t been updated since last May

I like Café Sabarsky for a splurge, which I realize is at Fifth Ave & 86th. Excellent soups at Café Sabarsky.

I’ve enjoyed some Turkish food near Yorkville, as well as the Heidelberg, but it’s been a while.

While it’s pricey, I have had a good lunch at the Sant Ambroeus at Madison and 78th, which has a heated outdoor patio, apparently.

I’ve enjoyed coffee and cake at the E 78th Lady M

While I haven’t been, Café d’Alsace was recommended to me a few years ago.


And no checking of vaccine cards.

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Interesting how the conversation about vaccine carding in NYC is a little different over here than it is elsewhere on the Internet :rofl:

Is it? I am probably too selective in my onlining.

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Just compared to the thread that got locked on CH, and the current thread about dining safely on CH

The locked threads on CH don’t even register with me anymore. Oh, is the conversation getting a little interesting? Better lock it!

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Which San Matteo? One is at 2nd and 90th (the one I have been to) which has absolutely outstanding pizza and is a fun place to watch Italy play soccer. There is also one at 2nd and 81st, but I have not been there.

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Cafe Sabarsky desserts are absolutely decadent.

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Excellent soups at Café Sabarsky, too. I’m still thinking about an asparagus soup that I enjoyed at Café Sabarsky in May 2018.

The one on the same block as Mole, 90/2.

The other one is good too, but a totally different vibe.

I haven’t been to Sabarsky/Fledermaus in a while but was kind of underwhelmed. Sure, their desserts are authentic and good, but they didn’t exactly make me think I was back in Munich or Budapest (the closest I’ve been to Vienna [taking a brief tram ride to get from one railway station to another on a trip from Italy to Budapest doesn’t count], with similar desserts), and their savory food was perfectly OK without being exceptional, but they were overpriced, due to the location, atmosphere and demand. It’s an unfair comparison I’m making, but man oh man, if we could get a branch of Cafe Rischart from Munich here…All that said, I always found Cafe Katja on the Lower East Side a better value for Austrian cuisine and more flavorful, but it’s not on the Upper East Side.

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