Moving to South Shore - recommendations?

DH and I are (sadly) moving away from Watertown to Braintree. I’m thrilled with being closed to Chinese grocery stores and restaurants in Quincy, but really sad to leave excellent stores like Russo’s and Sakanaya behind. :sob: Was wondering if anybody has any recommendations for the Braintree/Quincy/South Shore area nearby, to ease our pain of separation? Any restaurants recommendations will be helpful too!

The things I’m looking for:

  • Middle Eastern grocery: mainly for the pita bread
  • Bakery: we normally get the crusty white loaf or the brioche from Russo’s for sandwiches
  • Cheese and deli: speck and prosciutto cotto at Russo’s - we will miss you!
  • Sushi grade fish: we don’t make sushi that often, but it’ll certainly be a nice option

Also just a question for folks in the area; are there any good coffee shops around? A search on Yelp returned nothing. I love milk tea shops with a deep and unrelenting passion but it boggles the mind that there’s not a decent latte around there.

this thread deserves some recs! I wish I could respond to your main requests, but I don’t have any great suggestions. You’re in bar pizza land, so if you want that sort of thing then Town Spa in Stoughton is the standard, afaik (heard good things about Lynwood Cafe too). Tony’s Clam Shop is a good beach spot for clams etc.

Sorry that I don’t have intel otherwise. Hope you get some suggestions.

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Caffe Bella in Randolph still does a good job.

Thanks @passing_thru! I figured this might be a difficult request, since it doesn’t seem like a lot of HOers on this board live in the area.

I’ve heard good things about Lynwood Cafe as well, and a friend’s family operates N&P Saigon subs that’s supposed to be fabulous. I just wish South Shore is better on its speciality stores game (Asian grocery not withstanding)!

hey, I was just poking around in my bookmarks and I stumbled over this place Bloomy Rind in Hingham that I noted awhile ago since it looked like it might be worth a go for cheese/salumi if I was ever out that way. I’ve never gone, so maybe it’s terrible! But seemed worth a mention in case you didn’t know about it.


Welcome to the South Shore the forgotten land. There are some decent outlets for some of the things you want.

“Previte’s Market” in Weymouth on Rt 53 is excellent for meats cold cuts and some pre-prepared foods. They do decent subs and speciality meats such as porcetta.

“Alfredo’s” in Quincy and Norwell is a very good Italian deli. Try it, you’ll like it!

In the same building as Previte’s is “Fratelli’s” bakery (also one in Quincy). They have good coffee and decent latte. Bread is so-so; pastries are decent but not like the North End. Don’t waste your money at Montillio’s.

Previously mentioned, “Cafe Bella”; Excellent and really busy. Maybe the best Italian on the South Shore. Also try “Trattoria San Pietro” in Norwell. Very good.

“Fat Cat” in Quincy Center for really good wing and ribs. Also, Lobster mac and cheese. Funky bar type place with good drinks and cheap wine by the glass. I like their food.

Fish monger; “Burke’s” in North Quincy on Billings Rd. Freshest fish anywhere and the best coleslaw! They are really the best for fresh!

Hingham has Tosca, Cafe Tosca, Alma Nova, Square Cafe and Scarlett Oak Tavern. All good and pricey.

That should keep you busy for a while.



Bloomy Rind in Hingham is definitely worth checking out and while you are there swing by the Fruit Center, Hingham Harbor, which has nice produce, a good deli and a decent butcher shop (under separate ownership so you pay separately). There is a Brewed Awakenings next to the Bloomy Rind but I have never tried it.
I love Jake’s in Nantasket for seafood, both retail and restaurant.


There’s actually a few Middleastern grocery stores in Quincy, and one that has been on Hancock St for a while (in North Quincy, near the Pho Linh. If I recall the name is Safy Market. There used to be a smaller one closer to Wollaston and near Falafel King (but that may be dated info).

If you have a car or can rideshare, the Milton Marketplace is a very quick ride/drive away from the Wollaston and North Quincy neighborhoods. They have a great cheese selection, and also nice bread options. Nothing baked in house unfortunately, but they have a good selection. They are a strong option overall for fine foods.

I work close enough I just got to New Deal, but they have good quality fish at Burke’s Seafood on Billings Rd. At the Milton Marketplace again, they have a small bakery, butcher and seafood shop run by a local company so they will often have a few good options there if you are in need of a quick fix for quality meat and seafood.

These all tend to be North Quincy/Wollaston-centric as, so there might be a few undiscovered gems in other areas too. When I’m this close to home, I admit that I don’t go out to get coffee much. Most places are closer to your local take on Dunkin, than a real quality coffee house. If I want stronger coffee and I"m not at home, I go to the local Starbucks in Quincy Center. Tea and bubble tea in particular though seems to be everywhere.


Thanks everybody for the great recommendations! It looks like Quincy and Hingham are good places to start. I also want to bring up that there are a large Haitian population in Brockton so I’ll be trying the Haitian/Caribbean restaurants that area in good time.

@kobuta Thanks for confirming my suspicion re: coffee shops. There was an “coffee shop coming soon” sign on Washington Street in Braintree last time I drove by, but I’ll withhold judgment until it actually opens.

The Smoke Shop in Norwell has terrific house-made sausages and German products

Quincy has a farmer’s market on Friday’s that’s not bad.

I agree with Burke’s and The Fruit Center (Milton Market) for fish.


I just stumbled upon this link: []

I’ve never been, but this is not far from the courthouse, on Chestnut St. If anyone has feedback, let me know. Otherwise, I guess I can take one for the team and force myself to try some gelato (sigh) this summer to get a report.

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looking forward to some reports from the front on this! I sure wish I had explored that scene when I lived in Attleboro…

What type of German products and how does it compare to Karl’s in Peabody

Cafe Gelato is ok. Not the best I’ve had. Right across the street from the Fat Cat whose deserts are not memorable, so it’s a good place for that.

And for soups and other vietnamese dishes, Pho So 1 in Randolph is a good choice. Do not get their chinese or americanized dishes.

Antonio’s Bacaro in Hyde Park is a good italian place as well, and doesn’t break the bank.

Bambu Randolph - decent outpost of a chain, though it has more limited offerings than these on the west coast. Che - vietnamese dessert.

There’s a Wegmans at Westwood, which isn’t far if I-93 is clear. It’s not the best Wegmans around, but they have improved after a rough stretch.