Moved threads still show as "unread" in my Profile

The portion of the Top Chef #5 thread that was moved to Site Discussion continues to show as “unread” in my profile pop-down, as well as three posts from @hungryonion regarding moving that section of the TC thread. Any idea why?

seems like moved or spilt threads, even they are old, are considered as new posts again

Same thing happened to me. Not really sure how it got fixed. The “HO” powers that be went into my account, said everything looked fine, then it didn’t happen again.

I still have all sorts of what I assume are cookie or cache issues - wonder if your issue is related.

I have no problem with that - but after viewing them in the new thread, they SHOULD show as read. They remain blue in my “unread posts”.

Yeah, I agree. The only possible explanation is that its highlighting the notification of the split itself. Not the actual thread that’s being read. I have asked the developers what they mean.

a user on the Developer’s forum said this is the developer’s response when he filed the same bug.

“This is a known issue (cf. whisper messages). Will require a huge refactor to handle properly.”

So its a known bug that will take a lot of effort to solve.

OK. Which means it won’t be resolved. LOL Well, eventually it’ll be forced down below the visible pop-downs of the unread messages. I’ll just wait until that happens. Thanks HO.