Mova, rue des Dames, Paris 17

We ate at Mova, in the Batignolles quarter, and it was excellent. My bolg piece is here.


Thanks for this review, and I will now know to ask for “un seau.” (We’ve had that problem many times — all over France, and certainly in Paris: Red wines served too warm / insufficiently cool are very unpleasant.)

Thanks for the write-up, Onzième. Mova is one of a number of really good restaurants in the area. This quartier is where we happily settled into for a month last fall and we’ll be there again for more than a month this fall.

Indeed, lots of good places at both ends of the rue des Dames and vicinity. Including Janine, that I wrote up here.

Plus a number of really good places going “north” to and including Coretta up by the MLK parc (one of John Talbott’s favorites).

Re: Janinie, again thanks for the write-up. It opened after we had left last year and because of your write-up was on my “to do” list for this year, until . . . . it was included in the recent NYT Six Paris Places to Try Now article . . . and immediately, the restaurant was inundated with 80 reservation requests from the FOMO crowd and the owner had to send someone out to get the menu translated into English. I hope that nonsense has passed by the time we settle in next month. If not, lots of others that we really like.

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